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Reflectus is an experimental film that layers archival film and slide photographs from an individuals’ estate at the time of his death with the artists' contemporary images. The archival imagery depicted is the man's personal archive of 1970's gay Mardi Gras footage and travels highlighting his obsessive appreciation of the male form. Accompanying the images is a soundtrack that explores queer connection, collective memory, and landscapes of queer desire. The artists reanimate the deceased man's images of gay life as an homage to queer ancestors. Reflectus bridges a generational gap divided through time, AIDS, changing technology, blending the images to connect eras, bodies, and communities often considered disparate.

The analog performance combines nine 35mm slide projectors and one super 8mm film projector to create an entirely analog projection collage. Ten minutes in duration. This version is a single channel video version produced to mirror the analog projection experience.